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The Baby Carrier & Baby Sling Collection

OUR BABY CARRIERS & BABY SLINGS: Baby Carriers are a fantastic way to bond and experience the outdoors with your baby or child especially around busy shopping centers, public transport or mountain trails where using a pushchair can be a bit more difficult. Also known as Baby Wearing, there are two main types of baby carrier, the Structured Buckle Baby Carrier and the classic Baby Sling Wrap.

The Structured Baby Carrier is just like a specially designed baby harness that can be used in a variety of carrying positions - Depending on the design of the baby carrier.
Structured Baby Carriers are also suitable for newborns (sometimes requiring the aid of an insert) and can last right up until approx 3yrs. Most structured baby carriers come with additional compartments and features to make life that little bit easier, such as pockets for phones and soothers, and detachable hoods and rain covers to protect your child from the elements. All of our structured baby carriers are approved by the 'International Hip Dysplasia Institute'

The Baby Sling is essentially made from a specially cut layer of fabric that wraps around you and your baby, offering great support for your little one while helping maintain that very close proximity bond between parent and child. Baby Slings are ideal from newborn up to about one year but can carry up to 35lbs and all of our baby slings use delightfully soft and durable fabrics, ensuring optimal comfort is achieved while Baby Wearing. One of the key advantages of the wrap type baby sling is the carrying position, which is very similar to the baby's position in the womb and so it can be a great way to relax and bond with your baby in their early months following birth.

At Cherish Me Dublin, we hold a large selection of Baby Carriers and Slings both Online & In-Store - Feel free to drop by our Dublin store for a full demonstration across the range to help find the best Baby Carrier for your specific needs and lifestyle.


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