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Boba X Baby Carrier - Grey
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The Boba Stretchy baby wraps is suitable from birth up to around 18 months (35ibs). It has a four way stretch making it easier to put on as well as making it easier to pop baby in and out without having to re-tie and offers great all-round support for baby and wearer. The soft, stretchy elastic fabric will gently support your baby in the same upright position as you may hold them in arms, whilst also distributing baby's weight evenly over your back, chest, and shoulders. 
The best bit about these wraps is the freedom of ‘free hands’ that it gives you so great for babies who love to be close to you at all times and yet it allows you get on with daily tasks and it’s especially great if you have other kids to attend too. The beauty of the wrap is that you can tie the wrap on before driving and you just simply have to pop your baby in when you reach your destination and then you’re ready for your next adventure. The versatility of this stretchy baby sling means that you can also nurse your baby while they are snuggled up inside the wrap. 
The NEW Boba X Carrier is a feature rich, versatile baby carrier that effortlessly transforms into a practical, generous toddler carrier. An intuitive design that regulates in width and height without looping, snapping or rebuilding the carrier. Adjust the seat with one smooth slide and lock in place with a flat press of your hand. From your newborn to your mobile toddler - the Boba X has you covered. Wear your little ones and wear them well! 


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