Cuddledry Apron Style Bath Towels

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This unique hooded apron towel makes bath time safe, simple and snug - For you and your baby!

Most babies enjoy bath time but for some it can be upsetting making you feel fraught and turning it into a bit of a juggling act! With this original, organic apron towel you stay dry, while you lift your baby from the bath water easily and naturally.


  • Apron-style keeps hands free for bathing and lifting and keeps you dry.
  • Organic unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fiber.
  • Silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying.
  • Natural antibacterial properties - perfect for sensitive baby skin.
  • Unique double-layer system with hood - draws water away from baby's skin and hair.
  • Long and luxurious - cocoons and cuddles baby quickly dry.
  • Safe and secure - makes bathing a stress-free, natural, bonding time.

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