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BABY CHANGING BAGS: Discover our 3 top selling styles.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

At Cherish Me, we stock a large selection of stylish and practical baby bags from some of the worlds top brands, but with so much choice it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you, so we have featured 3 of our top selling styles to help you see some of the benefits and unique characteristics of each one.

But before we start, lets look at why your baby bag may be one of the most important items on your new arrival wish list! Out of everything you need, your baby changing bag is the one item you will use the most throughout motherhood! It literally goes with you everywhere whether its a quick trip to the shops, a weekend away or a day out with friends or family - its like a little mobile nursery holding all of your baby's essentials wherever you go, from change of clothes, feeding equipment and nappy changing essentials - you literally won't leave the house without it!

But long gone are the days where baby bags where characterised by their large bulky and un-cool design - a bag that you couldn't wait to hide away as soon as your baby was out of nappies! These days baby changing bags are in fact very much an on trend fashion piece in themselves, constantly changing with each season and appealing to a whole range of different super Mom (& Dad!) style preferences. Couple this with their clever practical design features and exceptional quality, these baby bags will last you for many years on and you'll have no problem using them as a regular bag long afterwards.

In this feature we are looking at 3 of our most popular styles from PacapodStorksak & Jem + Bea



Out of all the baby bags we will feature here, the Pacapod definitely sits top of our list for Functionality & Organisational design. We've always been really big fans of Pacapod here at Cherish Me and for good reason too! The Pacapod 3-in-1 organising system is simply genius and is an absolute must for Mom's & Dads who love to live in an ultra-organised world where everything has its place.

The baby bag we are featuring here is the Pacapod Richmond in Pink Herringbone but its also available in a variety of other colours too. The Richmond baby changing bag is a mid sized bag that's ideal for one baby but is just about big enough to hold a few extra small items such as a change of clothes for a toddler if needed. On the outside of the bag there's a magnetic pocket with elasticated pouches inside which are perfect for storing your phone or keys - or basically anything you might need to quickly reach in and grab in a hurry. The outer shell of the baby bag is made from a coated canvas material which makes the bag extremely durable and very easy to wipe down and keep clean - a must design feature for anything that's going to get used as much as your baby bag.


Flip the bag around and you'll find a zip opening on the back which opens into the center of the bag where you'll find 2 very clever pods. One pod is specially designed to hold feeding items such as baby bottles, baby food, muslin cloths etc. and the pod is also lined with a thermo-insulating material to help regulate the temperature of your baby's bottle. The second pod is the changing pod which holds your baby changing mat,  nappy's, wet wipes and other changing essentials. Both pods are also completely removable and can even clip onto your buggy handle so you can very easily use them on their own if you like, without the main baby changing bag itself.

At the top of the bag there's also another opening (zip closed) into the main center compartment where you can store other items such as spare clothes etc. Although the main compartment is smaller with the pods in place, when the pods are removed the baby bag can be used on its own and has a lot more space too.


Pacapod Richmond standard equipment:

  1. Comes with a Feeder Pod & Changer Pod
  2. Includes Baby Changing Mat
  3. Extra Insulated Bottle Sleeve
  4. Buggy Attachment Clips


NOTE: If you are looking for a slightly larger baby bag with all the same features (eg. for twins), we would recommend checking out the Pacapod Mirano collection. Click here for more..



If you are on a higher budget and looking for a little more luxury and style - a baby bag that looks... well more like a designer handbag, then look no further because the Storksak Emma definitely breaks the mould of 'conventional baby bag' in the style department and is currently one of our best selling luxury baby bags.

As with all the Storksak baby bag collection, you will find all the standard features inside including bottle pockets and pods for baby's bottle, a baby changing mat and ample space for holding all your necessary baby bits and bobs!


The Exterior of the Storksak Emma Leather Baby Bag is made from a very luxurious soft pebble effect leather with a nice large exterior front pocket - again ideal for holding your quick grab and go items. Being leather too its also easy to wipe down and keep clean - although like with any leather product, do avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning products on it.

The inside of the main compartment is lined with Storksak's signature gold/beige lining and there's lots of space for your baby clothes, nappies, wipes and other items. In fact you would probably get away with using this bag for twins too as its open layout design make it a good sized bag, even though it might not look it from the outside.


Storksak Emma Leather Baby Changing Bag standard equipment:

  1. Includes a padded Baby Changing Mat
  2. Includes a removable Insulated Bottle Pod
  3. Includes Stroller Attachment Clips.
  4. Separate Extendable Shoulder Strap


In a nutshell the Storksak Emma is ideal if you love your designer handbags or leather bags and don't want to have to compromise on this when it comes to choosing your baby changing bag. The Storksak collection includes a variety of other styles, sizes and price points too so don't forget to check out the full Storksak Collection here..



So last but certainly not least, we get to the Jem + Bea Beatrice Baby Bag in Taupe. This really is the pinnacle of the luxury collection and although relatively new, its fast becoming a very popular choice for our Mom's looking for a luxurious designer bag that also ticks all the boxes of a practical baby changing bag too.

Its the clever little features such as water and liquid repellent interior lining, large open main compartment with several interior compartments and thermo-insulated bottle pockets that make this such an appealing baby changing bag too.


Just like the Storksak Emma, the Jem + Bea Beatrice is made from beautiful soft leather with quality polished gold hardware and buckles and a small outer pocket on the front, perfectly sized for your mobile phone. You even get a luxurious cotton dust bag to keep your prize bag nice and dust free when not in use!

Inside the main compartment you will find ample space for spare clothes and nappies etc. as well as a padded changing mat and an insulated bottle pocket. There's also a detachable shoulder strap included if you prefer to wear it over your shoulder, you can purchase pram attachment clips separately. 


Jem + Bea Beatrice in Taupe Leather Baby Changing Bag standard equipment:

  1. Thermo-Insulated Bottle Pocket
  2. Includes padded Baby Changing Mat
  3. Includes extendable Shoulder Strap
  4. Includes outer branded Dust Bag


View the full Jem + Bea Baby Changing Bag collection in our Baby Changing Bag Department here..

If you have any questions or would like more info on any of our featured baby bags don't hesitate to contact a member of our Sales team who will be more than happy to help you.

You can view these Baby Changing Bags as well as our full collection at our Dublin Store or Shop Online at our Baby Changing Bag Department, with express International Delivery too!



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