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Tips to help you get through the first few weeks after having a new baby

Friday, 5 September 2014

Tips to help you get through the first few weeks after having a new baby

After giving birth to my first born, I thought I was so well prepared for this new bundle of joy that was about to come into our lives. I was always so super organised and had bought everything I needed well in advance but nothing would have prepared me for this new journey in my life. During the last stage of my pregnancy I got a strong urge to nest and had the whole house spring cleaned inside and out but I wish I had listened and taken it easy and enjoyed more time with my wonderful husband.

The day arrived and finally we got to meet our gorgeous baby boy, but I have to say like many mums, I was very over whelmed with my new role as a first time mum. Even with all my natural motherly instincts I now had to actually put in place all the skills that I had been taught at my Antenatal class and what I had read up on. This was a whole new uncharted territory for me, things like how to master the breastfeeding ,to soothing your baby back to sleep and surviving on little or no sleep!

Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences in your life but it can be very tiring and over whelming for many mums so I have made a list of things that got me through the first few weeks until I found my feet.

  1. Look after your health:  This is so important that you take care of yourself not only during your pregnancy but even after the baby is born. Try and eat regularly and eat as healthy as possible avoiding sugary foods and drink plenty of water. One great tip I got was make up batches of food to last for the first two weeks like stews , lasagne soup etc and freeze them and defrost when needed, this will save you so much time but yet you are still getting all your nutrients rather than relying on fast food .
  2. Be alert for signs of the postpartum blues:  I found the omega 3 really helped with my mood as your hormone levels will changed after having your baby. It’s totally normal to feel a bit weepy after the birth of your baby and can continue up to 3 weeks as this is caused by the sudden decrease of maternal hormones and changes in your life, but if it continues and If you feel that you aren’t coping talk to your health nurse or doctor.
  3. Get some ‘Me’ time:  Try to get someone to mind your baby so you can have a relaxing bath, meet a friend for coffee or just treat yourself to a little pamper time after all you deserve it!
  4. Be Active:  Set some time every day to take your baby out for a walk in the buggy / pram or baby carrier, just getting out in the fresh air and sunshine can make you feel so good . I always found it helped baby sleep better too!
  5. Accept Help:  Always accept help if it’s there, but don’t be afraid to ask for it! Even if its help getting the shopping, putting on a wash or just making you lunch it gives you more time to rest and spend time with your new baby.
  6. Be social:  Getting involved with mother and toddler groups even once a week is a great way to meet new mums and share experiences. There is also great birth clubs on parenting forums such as Eumom, Rollercoaster etc were you can arrange your own coffee mornings with new mums living in your area.
  7. Make life easier:  Set up an area downstairs for changing your baby and leave extra nappies, wipes and a change of clothes etc where you will always have everything at hand rather than having to run up and down the stairs all the time. I always kept a spare bag in the boot of my car, with extra clothes, nappies etc for baby just in case I ran out of anything if I was out for the day or visiting the grandparents. I also used a baby carrier as it gave me great bonding time with my baby and left my hands free so I could catch up with things around the home or if I was out shopping. It’s also a great way to settle a baby if you just can’t get them to sleep.
  8. Try and get as much rest as possible:  Try if possible to sleep when the baby sleeps (easier said than done, I admit) but its the only way to avoid sleep deprivation so that you can remain alert when caring for your new baby. Even little short naps during the day time can make all the difference.
  9. Cherish every moment:  It’s true what they say that they grow up so fast so enjoy every milestone and cherish every minute even when you are up during the night doing feeds at 2 am and everyone around is still fast asleep. These few months pass so quickly and believe it or not you will miss it and before you know it they will be saying their first word!

Happy Parenting - Zarah..

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