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REVIEW: 'On Tour' with the Nuna Pepp stroller..

Thursday, 4 September 2014

On tour with the Nuna Pepp..

When someone mentions 'light weight stroller', for most people the first thing that comes to mind is the typical cheap and cheerful umbrella type stroller, which lets face it, are not the prettiest looking things, aren't the most comfortable and speaking from our own experience, the narrow frame with high seating position on some designs can also make them prone to toppling when there is too much weight on one side of the buggy.

So what if someone was to design a light weight stroller that not only looked like it belonged in a luxury car showroom but could work as a fully functional travel system, had a fully reclinable padded seat and was small enough when folded to fit into the overhead storage bin of a commercial airplane. Well someone has, and its called the 'Nuna Pepp' and we were only too happy to put it through its paces on a family trip to the Algarve in Portugal.

Travelling with the Nuna Pepp..

Now as most people with kids know, even heading out for the day requires an element of forward planning and a lot of luggage, heading away for seven days and adding airplanes and buses into the mix was going to be a big challenge for sure, but once we were ready to go and with two adult suitcases in the boot of our family car there was still enough room for the Nuna Pepp (which folds down quite flat) to sit on top in the boot.

So, once at the Airport, getting around the smooth tiled floors of the departure terminal was never going to be a tough terrain challenge for the Nuna Pepp but one thing I have to say at this point is that this is one nimble little stroller, so nimble in fact that maneuvering it around a crowded airport with one hand was simply effortless thanks to its very low centre of gravity and slightly wider design. Once we had reached the aircraft it folded up again and we brought it on board to see if it would fit in the overhead storage and guess what! Voila - Fits perfectly.

(Note: Overhead storage bins vary in size depending on aircraft type. This image taken on a wide body Airbus A330 aircraft)

So after a fairly smooth flight and hundreds of questions (first time our two curious kids had flown on an airplane) we'd finally arrived at our destination, everything unpacked at the Hotel and now it was time to really put the Nuna Pepp through its paces through the cobbled streets and sandy board walks of the Algarve! and our four year old passenger was more than happy to test out the very comfortable looking padded seat of the Pepp for the duration of our stay.

At 4 years old, she was around the upper recommended age and weight limit for the stroller but even at that it still felt very easy to maneouver and literally glided over the cobbled streets with total ease.

The Nuna Pepp in detail.

I have to say this stroller felt very well built and when you look at it in more detail you can really see that no expense was spared on materials either. The fabric part of the stroller is made from a very strong and high grade canvas type material and the seat area also has additional padding to make it more comfortable for extended journeys, it also has a number of recline positions right down to virtually lie flat. The hood is made from the same material with a smooth inner liner and has a very handy flip out sunshade which worked a treat in Portugal's sunny south. The storage under the seat is also a very good size for a stroller in this category.

The frame itself is made from a light weight alloy material and folds down in one single easy motion - It also has a fully extendable handle bar for the taller person too.  The stroller comes with its own rain cover and there is an optional travel system adapter you can purchase for it which holds a wide range of car seats for 'Click & Go' convenience. Our version was the Nuna Pepp stroller but if you are looking for the 'Pièce de résistance' there is also a more luxurious model, the 'Nuna Pepp Luxx' which also has an adjustable foot rest, lockable front wheels, a larger storage compartment and many other extra's too.

In summary.

So there is no doubt that this stroller made our journey a lot easier for sure, its perfectly suited for travelling and it has been clearly engineered and built to the highest standard and so should last you a very long time. In addition to the fact that its also suitable from Newborn and can be used as a travel system I think its fair to say that this has to be one of the best in class in the baby strollers category.

So whether its meeting friends in the afternoon at your favourite Cafe, going for a stroll through the high street or hanging out in the Riviera's of Southern Europe, then I can confidently say that this very stylish little stroller ticks all the boxes without a doubt.

Safe travels!

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