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REVIEW: Pacapod Jasper Baby Changing Bag

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Pacapod Jasper Baby Bag Review

We were delighted to read this fabulous review of our Pacapod Jasper baby bag by one of our customers and Irish Blogger Blaithnaid Penter from Wildflower Diaries. The Pacapod Jasper is available as part of our luxury collection and is definitely something worth checking out if you are on the look out for a very stylish and luxurious leather baby changing bag.

Lets face it, your baby bag is probably the one thing you will use most of the time and bring everywhere with you. If you love fashion and style and want a baby bag to reflect this then you will just love our full collection of baby bags as their superior quality, practicality and style mean they will last you long after your little one is out of nappies.

Here's what Blathnaid had to say:

"As most of you probably know already a big part of pregnancy is preparing for having a little baby in your life! From the start of my pregnancy I have been planning what I would need for baby and that includes the Baby Bag! For months Iv'e been eyeing up baby bags – from the street to baby boutiques and online stores, I think I’ve got a good idea of whats out there at this stage!

From the word go I knew what kind of bag I wanted. I didn’t want it to look like an obvious baby nappy bag or anything! So I was eyeing up the kind of bags I’d normally go for. The biggest question then was black leather or tan leather? I chose the Tan. I think a good Tan bag goes with absolutely everything and that's what I wanted!

I'm a sucker for all the detail in these bags. I love how the baby bits have a compartment of their own and you can still have all your necessities in the main compartment. When you unzip the front pouch of the bag two Pacapod's are revealed. One is a changing pod and the other a feeding pod. On the changing Pod there's a baby changing mat and inside each compartment is labelled

I got my Jasper PacaPod from and I have to say they were great from start to finish. The girls from work all chipped in on it for me as a gift for the baby shower so Thanks girls !!! and my order was with me almost as soon as it was sent. I couldn’t get over the promptness of the delivery service and I was informed about every step along the way! When my order arrived , it came in a huge box and was very well wrapped/protected. It even came with its own dust bag, which is great because that will go a long way to keep it clean and scratch free! "

We'd like to thank Wildflower Diaries for this lovely review and if you want to know more about this particular baby bag or view our vast selection of other styles and colour's then click the link below or drop into our South Dublin Store.

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